Trulife Distribution Lawsuit

trulife distribution lawsuit

In the hushed corridors of the business world, a legal showdown of considerable magnitude is currently unfolding, pitting Trulife Distribution and its founder, Brian Gould, against NPI, a company owned by Brian’s father and former employer, Mitch Gould. The lawsuit, filed on May 6, 2022, in a U.S. District Court in Florida, is rife with allegations of false and misleading statements, unfair and deceptive trade practices, and fraud. These allegations have sent shockwaves through the corporate landscape, promising to have far-reaching consequences for both parties involved. This article delves deep into the intricacies of the case, its historical context, and the legal remedies sought by NPI.

The Allegations

At the epicenter of the lawsuit are several grave accusations directed at Trulife Distribution. NPI alleges that Trulife has deliberately engaged in false and misleading statements, unfair trade practices, and fraudulent behavior. These alleged actions took place within the framework of commercial advertisements and promotional activities. NPI contends that the primary objective of these misleading statements was to deceive NPI’s clients and prospective clients, potentially undermining NPI’s business interests.

Furthermore, the lawsuit asserts that these deceptive practices were carried out in the domain of interstate commerce. This crucial detail forms the basis for NPI’s claim that Trulife’s actions have either already caused or are likely to cause significant competitive and commercial harm to their business. This notion of competitive and commercial injury serves as the foundation for the legal action undertaken by NPI.


Both Trulife Distribution and NPI call Boca Raton, Florida, their home. NPI, a company established in 2008 by Mitch Gould, was founded with a dual mission. It aimed to assist foreign brands in navigating the complex landscape of U.S. distribution while also supporting domestic brands in expanding their distribution networks. Meanwhile, Brian Gould, Mitch’s son, embarked on a new business venture, founding Trulife Distribution in 2019, after serving as the president of NPI for a substantial 13-year period.

Notably, a prior lawsuit between NPI and Trulife was resolved through mediation on July 8, 2021. The 2022 lawsuit raises eyebrows as it suggests a revival of hostilities between the two parties, with the allegations made in this lawsuit occurring post-2021 settlement. This history adds a layer of complexity to the unfolding legal battle.

NPI’s Demands

In response to the allegations, NPI has presented a comprehensive set of demands to the court. Foremost among these demands are requests for permanent injunctions against Trulife Distribution. These injunctions are intended to prohibit Trulife from engaging in practices such as misrepresenting NPI case studies as their own and creating and utilizing email accounts that appear to be affiliated with NPI domains. These measures aim to prevent any future deceptive practices on the part of Trulife Distribution.

In addition to the injunctions, NPI is seeking compensatory and punitive damages. Compensatory damages are designed to cover the financial losses that NPI claims to have suffered as a direct result of Trulife’s alleged actions. On the other hand, punitive damages are intended to penalize Trulife for their purported misconduct and to serve as a deterrent against similar behavior in the future.

Furthermore, NPI is requesting that Trulife Distribution be held financially responsible for attorney’s fees and court costs associated with the legal proceedings. These financial demands, combined with the injunctions, underscore the gravity of the situation and the extent to which NPI is seeking legal redress.


The unfolding legal battle between NPI and Trulife Distribution is shaping up to be a high-stakes clash with significant implications for both parties. Accusations of false and misleading statements, unfair and deceptive trade practices, and fraud have cast a shadow over Trulife’s operations and its founder, Brian Gould. The backdrop of a previous lawsuit settlement in 2021 only adds to the complexity of the case, as NPI alleges that the problematic conduct persisted beyond that resolution.

As the lawsuit continues to unfold, it remains to be seen how the court will weigh the evidence and the demands of NPI. For now, the outcome of this legal tussle is shrouded in uncertainty, leaving both Trulife Distribution and NPI teetering on the precipice of a pivotal legal battle that could reshape their futures in the business world. The stakes are high, and the world watches with bated breath as the legal drama unfolds.